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Description of iTaipei Parking

Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office released the smartphone software, “iTaipei Parking”, to provide the instant parking information of Taipei City, which can inquire the name of the parking lot, the address, the rate, and the instant parking information according to the surrounding areas, the administrative area, or the shopping district where the GPS locates in, and mark the full car situation with the full car rate, red(above 95%), yellow(80-90%), green(below 80%) and present in Google Map.
In December 2016, increases a dynamic information of the parallel parking, in the whole city charge road section demonstrated red (above 70%), yellow (50%-70%), green (below 50%) parkings rate three kind of color, the convenient vehicle owner inquires nearby the destination the parallel parking standard behavior in service.

Besides, for the complete function, the system has done the following update:

1. Add the query functions of the static parking lot, the motorcycle parking lot, the bike parking lot, and the parking fee in September, 2011.
2. Add the entrance signs, the path planning, the high limit, and the streetscape in December, 2012
3. Simplify the original user interface and add the functions of the keyword search and the My Favorite in June, 2013.
4. Add the function of the payment of the parking fee on July 31th, 2013.
5. Integrate “iTaipei Parking QR (car finding guiding service)” into “iTaipei Parking”, and add Luoyang multistory parking lot, Xingzhong multistory parking lot, and Linsen Park underground parking lot totally three parking lots with the car finding guiding service. Besides, add the payment reminders and the English function of iTaipei Parking in November, 2013.
6. Add the parking guiding function and the information of the pregnant priority parking grid and the disabled parking grid in January, 2014.
7. Add the information of New Taipei City parking grid and the tourist bus grid in July, 2014.
8. Add the information of the free parking lot for the first hour of the taxi and the function of the user’s feedback mail in March, 2015.
9. Redivide the parking information function tab in September, 2015.
10. Add dynamic information of parallel parking, remaining spaces on parking graphic, push notification of flood prevention, and link to latest news page on scrolling text in December, 2016.

Version history iTaipei Parking
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.15
Bug Fixes.
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.14
Newly increased bus information.
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.13
Bug fixes
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.12
1. Add locomotive real-time information
2. Main menu text correction
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.10
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.9
1. 即時車位查詢之路邊格位,可顯示格號。
2. 畫面右下角增加手動更新按鈕。
3. 畫面上方增加灰色訊息列,將顯示目前資訊為幾秒前所更新,並提示民眾可滑動螢幕或點選右下角更新鈕以更新即時資訊。
4. 繳費查詢介面優化。
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.8
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.4
Addition of instant updates to the app on the street parking spots when they become available.
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.3
Addition of the payment history feature.
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.2
Additional routes included/amended for iTaipeiParking.
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.6.0
Allowing the App is to become more user friendly and convenient to use
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.5.29
Software fixed.
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.5.28
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.5.27
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.5.26
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.5.24
New in tw.pma.parkinfo 2.5.23
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